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Septic Systems: Many homes Northwest of Boston don’t have access to town sewer and are serviced by septic systems – essentially a small-scale sewage treatment system in your back yard.

A well-installed, well-maintained septic tank and leach field can easily last 20 years. Often they last much longer than that.

Frequent septic tank pumping can save you headaches and large sums of money by expanding its life-span thereby postponing its replacement.

Known ways to increase the life expectancy of your septic system include: frequent pumping, keeping paint out of the system, not washing paint brushes out in the sink, removing waste grinders from the kitchen sink, not flushing things that were not intended to be flushed like paper towels and sanitary napkins, keeping trucks off the drainage field, avoiding large surges of water by distributing water use during the day or week.

Go here for educational videos and discounts available to septic system owners.